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How to Force NFS Sync

02 Jan 2017 » snippets

At work, I’m forced to develop on a remote linux box and run windows locally. My files are synchronized through an NFS mount. I ran into issues with webpack-dev-server not seeing my updates even with watchOptions.poll. It turned out that my files were not being synchronized over the NFS share as often as I had hoped.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the privileges to modify my NFS mount options (if you do, this Stack Overflow post is probably what you want). For the rest of us, we’ll have to abuse the rules of the Linux NFS client.

Note that only open and fopen need to guarantee that they get a consistent handle to a particular file for reading and writing. stat and friends are not required to retrieve fresh attributes, in fact. Thus, for the sake of close-to-open cache coherence, only open and fopen are considered an “open event” where fresh attributes need to be fetched immediately from the server.

– Chuck Lever, Close-To-Open Cache Consistency in the Linux NFS Client

Since cat naturally uses fopen(), the below shell script will force NFS sync.

while [ true ]; do sleep 1 && find ./ -type f -exec cat {} \; >/dev/null ; done

Inelegant, though it works when your hands are tied or you’re too lazy to tweak your NFS mount configuration.

For me, this method traverses over around 3000 files per second. Adjust the sleep as needed for your project.

If you’re looking to perfect your bash skills, I recommend checking out The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction.